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​​We went to Eagle, WI (home of Generac) to become Generac factory certified and trained to install and service your Generac home generator. Worried about the next winter storm? The next bad summer derecho? Are you close to the end of the grid and loose your power occasionally multiple times a year? We have been factory trained and certified (passing certification requires an 80% or higher and both of our technicians achieved 94%!) by the company that makes and sells more than 70% of the home generators bought in the United States.

We will take care of your installation, your routine maintenance (to ensure that your generator stays ready for your next emergency) and any trouble shooting or repairs that you might need down the road. Already have a generator? Not a problem! We will still be happy to take care of your maintenance and/or trouble shooting and repairs.

Don't want to have to go out in a storm and gas up and start your portable generator and run extension cords to your necessities? Generac's home standby generators are installed with an automatic transfer switch. Your power goes out and the transfer switch senses the loss in power and automatically starts up your natural gas (or if prefer liquid propane) generator and within seconds automatically switches your house to generator power. You don't have to be awake or even home! No worries and no work.

Just want to run your refrigerator and a couple other small circuits with a portable generator? We can take care of you and make sure that it is done in a safe and legal manner by installing a device that allows you to transfer from taking power from the main lines to taking it from your portable generator without the risk and danger of back feeding power to the main lines.

Whatever your home generator needs call Mountaineer Power and Fiber Optics to take care of them for you.

Your Electrical, Fiber Optic and Generac Generator Specialists